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Cheap Nike Magista Obra FG Navy blue/White Cristiano Ronaldo might have been wearing his snazzy gold boots, but?he and his club mates were blown away by an?El Ni?o?sporting a pair of Supernatural Adidas Predator Instincts?at the Bernabeu. Thats right tropical storm Fernando is back in Spain and hes back with a vengeance.I was about to take a shot in the 9-ball game which obviously wasnt going to go in (Im an appalling billiards player) as NBC was showing the replay, I cast an eye up on the screen as the replay froze at the moment of the Fumlateral and said to my friend Revis is wearing soccer shoes tonight; before promptly scratching on my shot. Now my friend who is an ardent NFL fan (hell listen to games on the radio); doesnt know much about soccer just stared at me like a horse that had been asked to book a holiday. Id like to assume that it was because of my brilliant knowledge of soccer boots, but it was probably due to my horrible billiards game.

Nike Free Hypervenom 2It's not often we go gaga about a street shoe but this Nike Free Hypervenom 2 shoe has us shaking our heads in amazement at it's cool factor, it's 'IT' factor. This shoe is a Nike NSW product (Nike Streetwear) that has it's beginnings from soccer as evidenced by the Hypervenom name. The Hypervenom Free is a shoe we all wear at SoccerPro because we're cool like that.The Nike HypervenomX indoor and turf soccer shoes are the pure soccer inside shoes but when you really want to kick things up fashion wise and on the streets, this is the shoe to get into. It's looks are simply amazing! It also utilizes that Nikeskin technology which the Hypervenom silo is so famed for. This is what happens when a pitch icon hits the clubs. This is the truth for sure. Inspired by the Hypervenom football boot, the Nike Free Hypervenom 2 Men's Shoe hits the street with a standout hexagonal mesh upper that is coated with NIKESKIN technology in key areas for an enhanced fit. Get your pair today, don't wait around for them to sell out and be lost from this awesomeness! Shop now! 2016 Adidas ACE 16+ PureControl FG Deep Purple Purple One of the main reasons why players in certain parts of the world practice barefoot is because when they were young and growing up they just couldn't afford expensive soccer cleats. So it's actually because of this that they now have an edge at the highest levels of the game. The Cheap Nike Magista Obra FG Blackout they wear now are designed to give them as close to a barefoot feel as they can get without actually being barefoot. In this way they can hone their skills and dominate.

HypervenomX is the first NikeFootballX boot to mix a Flyknit collar with an enhanced mesh upper. HypervenomX also features recycled Nike Grind rubber on high abrasion and drag areas for enhanced durability. Comfort against hard surfaces has also been taken into consideration with Phylon cushioning.

Seen as the traditionalist boot in the Nike line-up, the Tiempo Legend offers a comfortable fit in a pretty modern package. They just straight up work and they will compliment any player looking for a boot that provides great touch and control. The upper is combination of a K-leather and a Kanga-Lite and it ranks amongst the best I have had the opportunity to test. Obviously the forefoot consists of the Kangaroo, while the side and around the heel is where you will find the Kanga. The benefit of this is that you have a lighter all around boot with waterproof properties around the side of the boot. This aids in durability and reduces water retention.

2016 Adidas ACE 16+ PureControl FG Deep Purple Purple Nike Vapor IX C TestedNike has taken a new approach to the Vapor range by redesigning the upper and materials used. A speed-controlled, dimple textured upper offers a pretty unique visual effect and tidy touch on the ball. Take some time and make sure to check out our full?Nike Vapor IX review. Cheap Nike Magista Obra FG Navy blue/White Nike Magista ObraThe key asset in the Magista series and the boot designed to push boundaries! When Nike introduced the Obra to market, it was immediately met with puzzled looks from fans who wondered what the mid-cut collar was all about. When added to the Flyknit upper, it creates a boot that is designed for agility and meeting players needs on a 360 degree basis.

Cheap Nike Magista Obra FG Navy blue/White,2016 Adidas ACE 16+ PureControl FG Deep Purple Purple

Lightweight Having had their record breaking lightweight 5.8oz adiZero beaten by the Puma V1.10 SL, Adidas decided to get their title back with the release of the Primes. At 5.2oz, these things are almost featherweight! Adidas use a single layer upper (called adiLite) that includes no foam or lining, leaving it about as light as you can get. For comparison, if you add the weight of the left and right Prime, it comes in at a very similar weight to one Adidas adiPure IV boot and I consider the adiPure to be decently light at 9.8oz!

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