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Cheap Nike Mercurial Superfly CR501 FG White-Gold New kit time is always one of the most important parts of footballs silly season. It allows supporters to know if theyre going to be investing in some haute couture for match days or sticking with whatever theyve got lying around the house for match days. So lets take a gander at what the three clubs will be sporting for their upcoming campaign.In Game PerformanceThere are a few areas that need to be covered considering the complex nature of this boots design. They are extremely futuristic and Nike has taken a considerable risk with some of the new features, included in that is the dynamic mid cut collar. Designed to create a better fit and a heightened sensation of the boot as an extension of the foot, this is a brand new look for the range. But through testing, I just wasnt convinced that it was the right addition to a boot designed to be lightweight and focused toward speed. Yes, you do get a very connected feel that is actually super comfortable in play. The problem lies in how it causes a restrictive feel as you look to chop and turn, changing direction at high speed. Wearing a normal ankle cut siloutte, there is nothing that stops an immediate shift in direction. But, in order to shift in the mid cut collar you need to exert that little bit extra energy as the material holds firm across your joints. And as opposed to wearing an actual sock (Im sire some of you will argue in this way) there is a soleplate joined that is intended to take traction with the surface you are playing on, so it drags. A soft sock in your boot moves totally in unison with your toes, foot and joints.

Let me start by pointing out my angst against the original Superfly series that was release several years ago. Besides the ridiculous price-point, my issue with those boots surrounded the use of a very stiff synthetic upper and a tight, completely uncooperative lining of Flywire. The thought behind the technology was that it acted like the suspension system on a bridge, surrounding the foot and keeping it locked in place. The word locked here is the issue, as it left little room for natural stretch and flex, and it actually took away from players natural motion. I get the concept, but the execution was all wrong and Im not afraid to admit that I rate that version of the Superfly as a flop. There might be players out there that we satisfied with them, but a $400 boot that offers little comfort and a very stiff feel is not what I would call a release designed to enhance players performance. Cheap Nike Mercurial Superfly FG Hyper Pink/Gold/Black When we look at leaks Nike will be getting kind of freaky, but in a good way. Because freaks department seems to be the same that deign boots in American brand. First weird thing was hat we called "Spray Pack" on leaked Tiempo Legend V and low Magista model. Today we have another example of things changing, this time on new Hypervenom generation. Neymar will be the next on to wear Nike HypervenomX Proximo TF Safariboots.

We would say that if you re a player that has large feet or you sweat a little more than most people do, then you ll appreciate these cleats. Having large feet or serious sweating problems can be a hindrance to some people. You might have a tougher time making certain moves or you might struggle to have the balance you need. Well minimizing wetness is going to help you a great deal. Not only this, but the superior breathability makes these easier to wear for long periods of time.

The new Orange X15 from adidas brings a bold burst of colour to proceedings. Combining darker and lighter shades on the upper and X-CAGE respectively,the two-tone look of the new X15 draws even greater attention to your feet as you cause chaos on the pitch.The way football is played is changing. As science and analysis take hold,every action of every player is under the microscope. Players are expected to fulfil increasingly specific roles on the pitch in order to help their team win the game. Thats why adidas has developed a whole new range of boots to suit different types of players. Its a football revolution and its time to choose your style.You cant plan against chaos C those unexpected moments of brilliance that break the game. After all,if you dont know whats happening,how can you stop it? The X from adidas is a boot designed for risk takers: players that dont know what it means to play safe. Players that will look chance in the eye and bet it all. Players like Gareth Bale and Thomas Mller.Boasting super-soft leather for a lightweight fit,the X 15.3 Leather revels in the spotlight,while a specially-designed non-marking traction system gives you the platform for unpredictable movement on turf. Defenders wont know whats hit them.Please note: To achieve that perfect fit,we recommend that you choose size up from your normal shoe size.

Cheap Nike Mercurial Superfly FG Hyper Pink/Gold/Black Soft calf leather guarantees the natural ball feel thats been a hallmark of Tiempo football boots for almost two decades and newly developed Nike technology brings it bang up-to-date. Built on an anatomical last with an internal heel counter,the Legacy II AG boasts a snug,locked-down and close to the foot fit with a recycled EVA sockliner,which offers cushioning and support to help decrease stud pressure and intensify comfort. A full length TPU plate with soft density studs are designed to move with your foot,working in unison with the insole board to provide a smooth multi-directional flexibility on any artificial grass surface. Cheap Nike Mercurial Superfly CR501 FG White-Gold The one big negative I see on this release is the price point, with Nike giving them a $300 retail. This is partly due to the fact they are being released on a limited edition basis, just to be used this summer. August 15th is the official date of release and you are going to have to act fast to guarantee a pair!

Cheap Nike Mercurial Superfly CR501 FG White-Gold,Cheap Nike Mercurial Superfly FG Hyper Pink/Gold/Black

All-new Stud Configuration One look at the soleplate and it is pretty easy to spot just how Nike has dramatically changed things up. First thing is the 2 stud heel design, which absolutely blows our everyday expectations! Other than the tripod design on the Pele Trinity, there is no other boot on the market with such a unique feature. The concept behind it is that it penetrates and release from the surface with less friction, resulting in a quicker release and improved acceleration.

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