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adidas adizero f50 99 gram FG Yellow/Black/Black Adidas has officially unveiled their latest custom designed boots and we were correct in assuming earlier this week that they are the Yohji Yamamoto F50 adiZero. Yamamoto is a Japanese fashion designer who is definitely not afraid to create bold, unusual designs, as we have seen previously thanks to the his work on the?Y-3 fashion brand.Performance and DurabilityThe Nike Phelon is a low tier boot, behind the Phatal which is behind the Phantom. Low-tiers are never exciting, and rarely eyebrow raising in any way shape or form. The Phelon breaks this trend. It had the touch, the control, overall feel worthy of a mid-tier boot, and in some cases it even was on par with a few top tiers Ive worn. ? The moldable?(after break in) and well textured upper makes receiving, striking, passing and dribbling the ball very enjoyable. Taking the ball out of the air is a great testament to this as the ball behaves the way I want it to with my first touch. When it comes to striking, it just grips the ball and sends it soaring, and soaring quite accurately I might add (but it wont put the ball in the back of the net for you). I would say striking is slightly comparable to that of the Hypervenom Phantom judging from Bryans review. Ball feel is the only thing that isnt stellar, it isnt quite natural but it is sufficient and isnt completely lacking like we find with lower tiers. The upper also gets much better with wear, it might start out a bit stiff each game but it gets softer as you play in them. Traction on turf is very good and not once did I slip. I also found that my strides felt more natural and organic which was pretty sweet, they remind me a bit of a minimalist running shoe in this aspect.

We love the innovation process of a boot release, when the designers are coming up with prototypes and ideas as they look to create the perfect boot. Last year, we were offered an up close look at the Nike Magista Obra Prototype story, with images of the boots in play. Well, here is an even better look at the silos creation at different stages. 2016 Adidas ACE 16+ PureControl FG Solar Orange and Blue I basically took these boots right out of the box for the first time and into training with no problems, and I seriously doubt there will be any players with complaints after wearing them. Around the ankle and heel they are adequately padded and there is plenty of protection through the forefoot. Inside the boot, they are very soft with no evident seems so you could technically wear them with no socks if needed. Right through wear the positives kept in check and these were a dream to wear.

Another area of performance that really stood out was traction. I used them almost specifically on turf throughout testing and I never once felt like I was in danger of slipping or snagging. At this point they are one of the only pair of FG cleats I will even consider using on turf! I still feel more comfortable in a pair of turfs on turf though, I dont want to risk ligament damage after all. Bryan ran into discomfort with this particular stud configuration but I ran into none. Only quality traction, but not advanced traction.

Main Performance Difference SoleplateHaving tested both, the primary difference lies in the soleplate. The Tiempo Legend features a plate that bends very uniformly right on the toe crease. They are designed for increased acceleration when you take that first step. The Premier is a little different. The plate is extremely thin and offers a more progressive hinge that naturally flexes with the foot. Those looking for a traditional boot will really appreciate that!

2016 Adidas ACE 16+ PureControl FG Solar Orange and Blue This summer, Nike launches its first shin guard built specifically for speed that will be worn by players at the World Cup this summer in Brazil the Mercurial FlyLite. adidas adizero f50 99 gram FG Yellow/Black/Black What is with the design?The colors and ribbon design of the ball panels symbolize the traditional multicolored wish bracelets worn in the country in addition to reflecting the vibrancy and fun associated with soccer in Brazil.

adidas adizero f50 99 gram FG Yellow/Black/Black,2016 Adidas ACE 16+ PureControl FG Solar Orange and Blue

This is the new white Adidas Ace 15.1 2015 Womens Soccer Cleat.Made for ultimate control, the new Adidas Ace 15.1 Womens Leather Cleats are mainly white with silver 3 stripes and a contrasting orange heel counter. While the upper has a clean design, the sole plate of the new Adidas Ace Womens World Cup Cleats boasts an half and half design with the colors Solar Orange and Iron Metallic to make a bold statement on the pitch.

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